Venezuela School

There is absence of investigations that favour the solution of the serious problems that currently the country has political, economic, social and productive. Today more than ever, you need a new managerial leader, an administrator that is conducive to changes, transformations necessary to seize the opportunities that the actions of the Government is generating, in presenting major weaknesses that can be very well used by professionals who are well trained and know how to interpret the scope, the impact of favouring President Chavez thisfor example, on new openings, break into new markets, in joining the Government’s plans to consolidate strengths in productive weaknesses than the business sector, economic He faces. The school has neglected increasingly, selection of their teachers, giving more political commitments, friendship, family, step than to academic endorsement. Need teachers creative, innovative, capable of generating a new paradigm of management according to which the State intends to with its socialism of the 21st century and that you should know to be integrated and play a role of opposition in everything that goes against the benefits of the country. Not is can continue leaving the training and education for graduates in management based on a profile of the administrator not suitable to the reality of the present, with curricula, where many of his subjects are not updated and others are already outdated. Need new approaches, administrative tools, greater integration with the demands of the knowledge society, the behavior of the scenarios interpretation, technology, needs of consumers, taking advantage of the strengths that foster each country’s natural riches. Requires proactive, motivating teachers to generate a radical change in the old learning models, unfortunately, still kept in the classrooms. Need school management opened wider, be linked to the problems of the region, State, business sector, other schools, school administrators, foster a more dynamic role in the political, economic, business, cultural reality that Venezuela requires.

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