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You will find all information which he needs for his work and also interested him about. So, the company promotes also the further qualification potential of employees. The contents are designed so that they facilitate the rapid information to clients and colleagues and prevent errors. Was deliberately on access restrictions or special privileges for certain groups of users. Also employees without own workstation PC have the opportunity at any time to reach the intranet on shared workstations, for example, in the brewhouse.

This as well as the open information policy is motivating and very appreciated by the staff. According to Managing Director Josef Furst, intranet to facilitate also the induction of new staff and support. Prince draws a positive balance from the project: the collaboration with Prism Informatics has a result led to that worth watching. As a medium-sized brewery, we expect a high degree of flexibility and reliability of our IT service provider. Prism was here top-quality computer science.” About prisma informatik GmbH: the prisma informatik GmbH was founded in October 2006. The company offers medium-sized companies, primarily in the areas of trade and manufacturing with high quality standards, services, and solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft technologies, SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server. Prism acquires Informatics project implementation, design and implementation of complex systems.

Project work, long-term development and support are made in one hand. Users of Prism solutions computer science are nationally and internationally active companies. The portfolio is rounded off by an extensive range of training for Dynamics NAV applications in the Prism Academy. About Neumarkter Lammsbrau: Neumarkter Lammsbrau is the largest organic brewery in the world. Was the first brewery at all, she offers a one hundred per cent biological range. Produced every year about 60,000 hectolitres of beer, as well as a wide range of eco fruit drinks. The range includes also gluten-free beer as well as the non-alcoholic Weissbiere, which health-promoting properties are scientifically confirmed. With this strategy, the brewery beyond the borders of Germany is known and very successful. The company is a pioneer in terms of sustainability. The philosophy of the brewery is based on the three pillars of protection of the environment, respect for social sharing and long-term economic success.

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