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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Certainly, she is only because the working-class is assumed as if she was pre-subordinate that the question of the definition can be raised. The definition, merely, closes a world even more than it assumes closed. Once defined, the working-class it can be identified then like a particular group of people, feasible of being taken as object from study. For the Socialists, Working-class is treated like a positive concept and its identity like which it must be valued. It exists, by all means, the problem of which to do with those people who do not fall within the definitions of working class or capitalist class, but this is solved through an additional discussion of definitions on like defining these people, if like new small bourgeoisie, employee, middle-class or as it is. This process of definition or classification is the origin of interminable discussions about class movements and from not-class, fights of class and other forms of alliances between the working-class and other groups, etc. From this approach to the class by means of the definition, arise different problems.

In first place, is a question of property : we belong to the working-class those that we worked in the universities? , and Marx and Lenin? They are the rebels of Chiapas or the CRAF divides of the working-class? They are those activists of the homosexual movement part of the working-class. In each case a concept of a predefined working-class exists to whom this people belong or no. One second consequence that is derived to define to the class, is the own definition of fights. From the classification of the people at issue certain conclusions are derived on the fights in which they find integrated. Those that they define to the rebels zapatistas like other people’s to the working-class, extract of this certain conclusions on the nature and the limitations of the rebellion.

Establishing Goals

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

To establish goals that really work, is not only to write a pair of lines in a paper piece. To construct goals that really work is a mental exercise that simplifies the life and enriches the existence. A formulated good goal must be materialized automatically. That is to say, you must deliver an attack initial to settle down goals, which means to satisfy certain requirements basic of explanation, writing, improvement, visualization, etc., but after making those exercises, their goals must materialize of automatic form in their life. If a goal does not do this by you, then you are a useless goal. A formulated and internalised good goal must return its life chews, happy and successful.

If it does not obtain this, its goal does not serve. In its book the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS, Andrew Corentt presents/displays, each and every one of the requirements that must have a goal to materialize themselves automatically in their life. Next a fast look to 4 of the requisaos that it exposes: 1. It must create goals that motivate really it, since the goals that do not motivate cannot to maintain focused it in them. In order to have goals motivate that it must choose things that really wish. It really wishes if it, one will stay focused in that. A wished goal will become in fact in a moment.

2. Their goals must be challenging. A goal must be challenging. It must define goals that they demand to him. A goal must put it to think. It must maintain thinking it. A goal for something common, does not obtain that power of approach. It does not concern the giant that him can seem a goal, if it gives the sufficient time him will obtain, it. 3. Their goals must be measurable. What can be moderate can be administered. What can administered can improved. If its goal is possible to measure, will know when it goes by good way and when it has been turned aside. That will allow him to take action to retake the correct course. 4. Their goals must only depend on same you. When it decides to create a goal, it must understand, that to obtain them, you must be made to the idea that everything what wishes to obtain, only depends on same you. Perhaps perhaps in the way it needs the cooperation somebody, needs to arm a work party. Perhaps it needs financing, etc. but what must include/understand from aya, she is that, without mattering what wishes, all you create, only you. The aid will come. The capital will come. The situations will appear. Will have created you them. If it wishes to construct truly powerful goals and to know the secrets so that the goals are materialized automatically and without practically effort, I recommend the book to him of Andrew Corentt, the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS. If besides it materializes its goals, also wishes to create a mentality of abundance and power, then also I recommend that I read the book I AM HAPPY, I to him I AM RICO.


Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Why to work? Out/2010 Concept: The Work and the Job. Work: Physical or intellectual activity that it aims at to some objective; work, occupation. Job: Occupation remunerated and determined the one that somebody is dedicated. Without a doubt the job (remunerated occupation) takes very by our time. Because of it, many times, we leave to give attention to many things of value in our lives.

But what God waits of us with regard to the job? We know that to work Mr. is an order, and in the modern societies our occupation is not in the land, ploughing, planting, but in the job. How Christian, as I must face my work (job)? 1.Obedeo to the order to work (GN 3:19). With this, God I supplied (FP 4:19) my necessities and of my family (accounts, clothes, food, leisure, easinesses), since that I work with zeal and devotion. I do not exaggerate in the time that I dedicate to the work (we perceive this when other areas as marriage, children, my mind and body is to desire), therefore God has other priorities for me (SL 127:2). What God me of the one beyond my necessities, I must understand as blessing, and to be more generous in donations (I TM 6:17 /18). 2.Aprendo to be submisso to the will of God, liking what It gave to me. With gratitude and allegiance I develop an intense desire for the will of God in my life.

I search to learn to like it job/work that It gave to me me to amuse, and to be useful being applied my talentos (EC 2:24). I search accomplishment, autodesenvolvimento and joy in what I make, therefore I believe that Its decision to place me in this or that place is the best one for my life (RM 8:28). 3.Aprendo to love me exactly. With gratitude and allegiance I obey the order to love me exactly (MC 12:31) (I TS 4 11/12).