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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

1 INTRODUCTION the paper of the leader and its style of leadership are basic to develop and to influence the Organizacional Climate. It contributes for the motivation of the team, passes confidence for the company and the feeling of valuation of the employee conquered through respect and credibility. Therefore a good leadership passes to organization a quality in its products and services, but also the leader has that to have the quality of the relationship, communication and integrated work of its employees. The leadership is necessary in all the types of organization, mainly in the companies, where a good leadership can generate satisfaction in a group of people as, one me the leadership can generate the separation of the same ones. Therefore it is on to one influences interpersonal, that she modifies the behavior, this must be directed to increase the satisfaction in the conquest of determined goal and reduction of the risks. This research allows to know the process of management of the companies, the great paper of leader in the organization, beyond opening canals and possibilities for the accomplishment of future research, getting and to repass information that contribute to extend the knowledge on the leadership in the organization to show a mechanism capable to harmonize the necessities of the individuals with the requirements of the organization. After a confrontation of different interests the consequncia most immediate is the conflict. For the fact of the people if to relate with other people with values, different beliefs, knowledge, experiences and objectives, the conflict is a waited result that it does not have to be prevented, but yes managed. 2 CONFLICTS BETWEEN 2,1 LEADERS AND LED CONCEPT OF CONFLICTS the Conflict is a definite and recognized process as characteristic of the human being. The main reason for this factor is the Human being to be integrated in a system of Inter-relations.