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System Alerts GSM

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

In the home and industry … Application of these systems is truly boundless: from the security functions of the property and car alarm systems, intrusion protection and prevention of industrial enclosures, control car – scales, data PDF sensors, climatic parameters, alarm warning in the server … and much more. At the same time, the trend growth in the number of systems with multiple redundant communication channels, as just radio and GSM. Problem and solution Disadvantages just GSM – the link is obvious: it is non-guaranteed message delivery and payment cards, ie dependence on the operator. In those cases where you want to organize a communication channel for short distances, but the wires are undesirable (for example, in moving systems, temperature control systems, ladle wall …) – appropriate use of the radio channel.

You can certainly use the following solution: wi-fi access point -> wi-fi radio modems such as clients SST900 (family I-7000) -> data collection system … but what if it is expensive and redundant? It is "good" access point is not worth a penny (+ client cards), and industrial the more radio modems. Thus, we can form the basic requirements for the functionality of the device (intelligent service module): the maximum number of digital inputs – outputs Availability control outputs such as the UK (dry contact) the presence of channel GSM – Communications owning a channel that is not subject to licensing requirements first two provide the functionality of the controller to example ATtiny, and the addition of powerful output drivers (keys), while the latter – any GSM – modem (mobile phone) and integrated low-power transmitter range UHF ( 433 MHz). Among the other neurotransmitters, the most acceptable for costs were radios MICREL. Lack of wire-wrap mounted products – particularly pleased, most importantly – to sustain the antenna contour data 3.

Intelligent input module has 8 programmable channels that can be connect: IR sensors flooding motion sensors Sensors Sensors fire alarm break glass Any number of pins, buttons, reed switches included in series or in parallel to control the opening of doors, windows, etc. The module is powered by a battery connected phone, and with the loss of external power supply sends an SMS message "No power controller GSM". For practice, we should stock up as follows: IDE Studio4b460 compiler WinAVR-2005 Program – Programmer of the programmer PonyProg_205 LPT … in spite of its simplicity and installation of these things mounted device has proven itself very well! Dwell in detail to control the firmware itself does not make sense, since "all that is good – long-forgotten old" 6. One need only mention that the project was transformed under ATTiny2313 and compiled in WinAVR-2005 under our needs 1. Testing the stability of the connection was carried out receiver module based on micrf010 MICREL 5. In the industrial noise, stable communication distance was about 50m. Links: The source test system design Scheme (OrCad) and wiring of the module (GERBER format RS-274X) Specification transmitter mICRF102 Specification of the controller ATTiny2313 Website MICREL Third-party project GSM – Pager


Friday, February 3rd, 2012

At the same time can be guided by simple arithmetic Unloading land by 1 person 7:00 4.5 cubic Planning, planting, seal, the first watering-1 person-2sotki-7 hours. Step Three: After the completion of the soil's turn direct seeding. Before sowing, make sure that no ants on the site as it is the worst enemy of all types of lawns. If the enemy is found necessary to destroy it immediately, otherwise you risk instead of lawn bare land surface with sparse grass clusters in the field of ant hills, as throwing in their territory seeds treated industrious insects as food, and therefore must be collected and Further distribution in its stores. So, we sow. Sow by hand, as do growers in the old pictures, because all these drum seeder, which inundated stores agricultural commodities are not suitable for the simple because the inoculum is often a mixture of seeds of different size and weight and therefore prone to centrifugation (separation into lighter and heavier fractions), by the way, the choice of seed material can be left (too be) at the discretion of the workers, since there is no difference between the singular thing is that it was a semi-shade the lawn and it is desirable to import. Seeding into the soil is made carefully so as not to disturb uniform distribution of seeds, with the help of the same rake.

Well that's all. or almost everything. completing the sowing must be sealed top layer of soil that is easy to reach with a small garden roller, or even more unpretentious way, putting on his legs wide flat bar and walking up to the entire land area slightly tapping that will achieve the desired result. The first watering is done immediately. Final stage, he also Four: We must demand a team of workers detailed instructions on how to further lawn care that must contain-Terms and irrigation practices. -Terms and Standards mowing. -Information about additional care.

Achievements Be sure to follow all of the above recommendations, as improper care can undermine all efforts at NO. Just that often the subject of conflict between the CUSTOMER and the CONTRACTOR. Well, that's all, if you courage and patience implementing unobtrusive control over the workers achieve all of these conditions, as well as if you remain determined to pursue on its own turf (performing all the subtleties of Machinery) maximum productivity … Well, pretty soon you'll be proudly with her arms akimbo, to host the affair between neighbors seeking to extort someone you owe such results. And you will be able to answer with a clear conscience-it-all myself.

Stained Nitroemalyami Surface

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The use of nitrocellulose lacquer and nitroemaley allows high-speed finishing techniques as well as hardening of the films nitrosostavov occurs rather quickly, within 1-2 hours. The surface is better to by pnevmoraspyliteley (quick drying of the film makes applying the enamel with a brush). It should be borne in mind that produced modern industry nitroemali NC-132, SC-25 (respectively, paint coatings) have excellent physical and chemical properties, provided the printing of the prepared surface. Therefore, before painting should be carefully prepared to be painted. If this wall, you should wash well their detergent and allow to dry. Areas with chipped old paint should be cleaned with a scraper, and then align the stopper. When the putty thickens – rub a fine-grained sandpaper.

In preparation for the painting wood surfaces, first remove the dirt and irregularities of the old paint. Then washed the surface with detergent and then water. Cracks and holes are sealed filler, after drying, which surface is polished with sandpaper. Before painting the surface or apply a prime coating nitro primer GF-021. Nitro (the most common enamel NTs-132 and SC-25) usually available in a ready-to-eat form.

Since they dry very quickly, then they should be painted at a rapid pace along the grain twice with an interval of 40-50 min. It is best to apply nitroemali using special spray guns. Before painting the necessary check the paint on the sample: if the wood is painted, then as the sample used the same piece of wood, if the color is subject to the metal – a piece of metal. You should not mix paint with an electric light or the sun and merging together the remnants of various paints. If necessary nitroemali diluted with solvents 646 or 648.