Managing Director

Packaging are becoming increasingly important for the printing industry. There are big changes in used printing methods. Printing inks are dissemination of information and are used for almost all products around us. A quick glance is sufficient: A calendar on the wall, the newspaper on the table, a biscuit box, advertising catalogs or the wallpaper all these products have been printed, color them to make or to convey information. The importance of printing inks is significantly higher than the revenues of over 20 billion US dollars, which was generated with them around the world in 2011. Developments in the field of modern information technology bring changes for producers and distributors of printing inks to the publication pressure to packaging printing.

The increasingly popular electronic media currently represent the greatest challenge: newspapers and books be read on Ereaders and exchanged information on the Internet. Advertising expenditures flow increasingly in TV, radio and Internet advertising and reinforce that the further substitution of traditional print media. However, the packaging for the printing industry gains more and more importance. Goods must be packed continue and consumers need information right on the product over its contents. Also strengthens the e-commerce mail order and increases the so necessary expenses of packaging,”explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana. Demographic change in developed nations and the socio-economic change in many emerging economies lead to modified consumer behaviour with regard to packaged food. This will affect the need for packaging.

Digital printing scores also the distribution of the used printing is with flexibility at the same time with the changing requirements of print jobs changed. Due to declining circulation sizes and increasingly demand customized print products, the digital printing can substitute other printing or open up new application areas. Fall through continuous advancements in increasing quality production costs. Another printing process, which is experiencing at present above-average growth rates, is the printing.

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