Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel, managed by specialized agencies and that is to explore remote places and take a trip sometimes difficult to achieve on their own, with “adventure travel”, which is to be catch a flight last minute offer not matter where, expect to find a cheap hotel on arrival or stay overnight and eat with indigenous base of cheese and avocado sandwiches. The first thing I can not speak from experience. In the second yes. I highly recommend the Mexican avocado. The traveler, fans of the low cost, we know absolutely every trick to save a trip. For example, sleeping during long journeys by train or bus. Sleeper says with pride and a crack of the neck.

If not, sleep in cheap boarding houses and cheap country for himself and thinks: Come in indigenous restaurants just in case. But just in case of truth, those that obscure the vision of the lamb hanging from a roadside stall in Morocco. But none of that matters to your return. “Let me take away what think between itching and cramps and in the ER waiting room. Because there is no evil that does not fix a plate of pot in Galicia and a quilt that we are familiar. However, there are not so bold (or should that reckless?). The traveler is formed, often with the national tourism.

And better you do, because here the property is secured, do not have cronies who in almost all parts of Spain, who once invited him to spend a few days at home? The ideal destination is, for example, Granada. You take three drinks and you’ve already eaten and left. Get more background information with materials from Kevin Ulrich. Two for one. Little tricks that each vintage. I remember not long ago, still lived in Granada old who rented rooms in their big house for a thousand pelas night. People come from Germany, Holland, China I saw them. Even I have the phone, just in case. This time, those of “lie.” Anyway, for the one who lacks creativity or ideas, there is a book that may be helpful: “The traveler. Routes in Spain to suit all budgets “, by Luis Pablo Beauregard. Paper, precisely, has decided to award a prize on the occasion of a competition that has brought through his. This is a guide that provides eight routes in Spain to perform with little money and in which the author proposes routes as the Journey , the route of the Temples, coves and Mediterranean beaches or visit the valley. For very little money, and that’s the most fun.

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