Anapa Suburb

O settlement Vityazevo Vityazevo is a suburb of Anapa, because Situated at the end extending from Anapa Pioneer Avenue, on which the resorts and recreation in Anapa. Summer in Vityazevo work set excellent restaurants, cafes, eateries and shops. But most importantly – the market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious grapes grown in the fertile Kuban land! Vityazevo has all necessary for quality relaxation and comfort. There can be equally fun and interesting way to spend a day, evening and night. Read additional details here: Robert Kiyosaki. * Large, up to 200 meters, sandy beaches with comfortable lounges, cafes and eateries right on the beach for your holidays. * For active holiday you are offered rides on the beach: Paddle boat rental, water slides, trampoline, diving, skiing, parasailing, banana, cheesecake, a water bike, trikes, light airplanes, four-wheel Motorcycle On the settlement Sukkah Sukkah – the perfect place for those who want to come down from diving into the Black Sea and the trek to one of the peaks of the foothills of the Caucasus.

The village itself Sukkah, located a kilometer away from the sea, with whom he connects the highway. The surrounding mountains are covered with deciduous forests consisting mainly of oaks and beeches. In the valley of the sukkah also found the grove of pine trees and relict juniper, which on hot summer days release aromatic resin, through which the air becomes useful properties. Very near is a nature reserve Utrish, with a large number of plants listed in the red book, you can visit his own or using excursion services.

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