Blog Samurai

How to participate in the business of many Blogs Auto obtained benefits already with their networks of auto blogs which are updated frequently with fresh content and almost without requiring any effort on the part of the webmaster, need little time to the maintenance of an auto blog allows you to create easily a network of auto blogs… Auto Blog Samurai is a software that allows the creation of autoblogs which are updated automatically with just enter the urls of the pages where want to publish content to your blog automatically. Is this illegal? All content published by auto blog samurai always public urls of the original author, give credits, this cannot be considered illegal. Also can translate content automatically from the Spanish into other languages and vice versa to publish it, which means that tendremoscontenido 100% original and legal also with software you can upgrade up to 20 thousand blogs in automatic way and like you know lot of content = more money. Making autoblogs is very easy, but to take them to the success I recommend that in addition to much content also to the start give him a boost to your blog registrandolo in directories of feeds, automatic pings, directories, blogs, etc to ensure greater value for google so the contents of your autoblog. You can use auto blog samurai free blogs in blogger and wordpress (wordpress must be hosted on your hosting) to make your auto blogs business not dependent on blogger I recommend you buy a domain at godaddy (can buy domains at $7.49 instead of $11 following this url) thus not depend of blogger who in some cases may close your blogs if not adapt to their policies.

You can buy a domain and make several subdomains (to all wordpress installing) and each subdomain an autoblog for each theme. Don’t forget that to generate revenue with autoblogs not enough only to use google adsense advertising, but it is best to combine it with affiliates and much better if programs used an electronic bulletin. Know more about auto blog samurai or buys the software to start your auto blogs today business! P.S.

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