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of 13 January. Worldwide urge solutions and the capitalist machinery does not stop in his production of patches that clog the crevices of a boat that capsize: the private banking rescue plans amounted to one third of the global GDP of 2009! and, despite such exorbitant amount of money, they have failed to revive consumption or private investment. These rescue plans for the not only private banking have not fulfilled their duties, but they have generated more economic concentration, less employment, less demand and a new financial bubble of debt. Productive investment will not recover. Public debt in the United States.U.S., European Union, Japan and China amounts to levels never imagined.

Insolvency and suspension of payments of the States (Iceland, Greece, Ireland and Dubai) threatens a new and imminent financial crisis to which promises to join immediately Portugal and which soon can be seen also immersed Spain, Italy, Great Britain and nearly all Communist States admitted to the E.U. while still camouflaged, the U.S. tax debt. UU. It resists appearances due to the abuse that makes the dollar in the bosom of the international financial system still in force. The International Monetary Fund warns that there are still emerge 50% of the active wastes of the world banking 3.5 billions of dollars! What could finish by sinking, definitely, to the capitalist system worldwide. Surges of bags, fundamentally in the year 2009, were not the fruit of productive activity, nor credit business but speculative investment operations; As much in Europe as in Japan and in the United States.UU. the banking market dedicated to the financing of the creation and maintenance of small business, the purchase of first homes or the consumer credit virtually has disappeared and positive results have been obtained, almost exclusively, due to the processes of melting, concentration or acquisition of companies as the only alternative for survival in the fight by prevalence in deepening marketsat a general level in the current recession, increasing up to abusive limits the prices of energy and food, destroying jobs and shrinking even more demand. Check out Marko Dimitrijevic for additional information.

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