Immediate Release

Farah & Alan, her father disappeared since August 23, 2010 in Syria after his arrest. On August 23, the German citizen Ismail Abdi, lawyer, was born in 1960 in Syria and home, arrested during a private visit in Aleppo airport without justification since 1997 with his family in Kiel. Since now one month there is no sign of life of activist engaged in the Committee for the defense of democratic freedoms and human rights in Syria (CDF). The Foreign Ministry announced that the Syrian authorities towards the German Embassy so far refuse to the information, since Mr. Abdi of also Syrian citizens. Abdi was naturalized in Germany in 2006, but Syria dismisses anyone regularly from the citizenship. Arbitrary arrests and torture are in Syria on the agenda, such as such as Amnesty International or human rights Watch report in 2010.

Always people in Syrian prisons disappear, to never again or the death close to emerge. PRO ASYL pointed out that not only for well-known human rights activist is a risk in Syria illegal people to be treated, also in cases from Germany pushed off there are refugees from Syria reports of detentions and ill-treatment again upon arrival. The Foreign Ministry had confirmed several of these cases a report end of December 2009. A spreading false information about the Syrian State abroad to have so been accused in Syria deported. His wife lives in Kiel and children fear for health and life of Mr. Abdi. We demand the immediate release of Ismail Sultan and the publication of information on his current whereabouts, as well as the release of all political prisoners from the Syrian Government.

Schleswig-Holstein e.V., the Refugee Council, Refugee Council Berlin e.V., Federal Association PRO ASYL, CDF Committee for the defence of democratic freedoms and human rights in Syria, German branch, (Committee Hevbesh) Committee for cooperation of the Syrian Kurds in Germany, municipality of Kurds from Syria in Berlin/Brandenburg. Most Monday, rally in front of the Syrian Embassy will take place from 11: 00 until 13:00 a September 27, 2010, to demand the release of Ismail Abdi. The Sultan’s two oldest children have mobilized over 150 classmates and friends are arriving from Kiel by buses to demonstrate with them for the release of her father. We hope for a great solidarity of the population with the family Abdi! V.i.S.d.P.: A.Willer, Refugee Council, Schleswig-Holstein, Oldenburg str.

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