In Kharkiv

If he wanted it to continue training – maybe he would even professor. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hyundai. However, a diploma and plainclothes civilian career did not fascinate his military heredity family background, especially the Cossack ancestry. Yes, and in becomes boring, a thirst for knowledge was calling close to sources of further acquisitions. After four months of training, while continuing to serve, Dutov passed the exams for the entire course Nicholas engineering school and enrolled in an engineering battalion in Kiev, where he headed the sapper and wire classes. And soon the 25-year-old officer became the student of the Academy of General Staff, but was interrupted classes and went to the theater of military operations which started the Russian-Japanese war. There “for the excellent service and hard-specific works, Alexander Ilyich got his first medal – St. Stanislaus third degree. Continue their education had after the war.

In 1908 Dutov completed a course in the Academy under the first category, and again arrived at the service in – the headquarters of the 10 th Army Corps. In , where Dutov already served five years, this time he stayed only five months, after which he moved to Orenburg, where he served as a teacher and supervisor of the Orenburg Cossack school. According to the recollections of colleagues and the cadets, he was as zealous the master himself was ground, washed, corrected and glued training equipment, has made its catalog and inventory, is a model of discipline and organization, never being late or leaving before the time of service.

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