International Personal Development

Track optimization potential, processes make efficient Frankfurt, 08.10.2009. A list of 12 Tips for international personal development now offers demos European Economic Academy GmbH on its Web page to download. See demos company also can find out what they should pay attention to the international human resource development. The advice of the training experts from Frankfurt help them to check their own international human resources development, to identify optimization potential and to make their processes more efficient. This demo shows two ways. In general the control unit controls the global training and adapts the offer to the respective countries.

The training in the national language should be translated in any case. It takes place in the mother tongue, namely increasing the acceptance and it is ensured that all participants can follow the event. This increases the motivation of learners and thus the success of learning. Next to it is the Mentalitats-and Cultural differences to note. It is therefore not sufficient to translate the program into different languages.

Rather, it must be adapted to the local customs. Last but not least, it must be checked how the content of the training is relevant for the respective country. It is, for example, legal regulations, which vary from country to country, the content must be changed profoundly. In order to meet the challenge, two options available to the company. In any case, you need a local contact persons, who knows the continuing education market and the local specifics and speak the language. This can be a human resources management on the ground, on the other hand, a partner that operates worldwide. Takes over the local personnel department the adjustments, must be ensured, that it has sufficient human resources to undertake the complex task. A variety of countries, the communication with the various departments can be time consuming. Cheaper and It is easier often outsource the training to a trusted partner, who is strongly anchored in foreign markets and has experience in the international human resources development.

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