Internet V Runet

First, a little theory. Internet is a global information network, designed to facilitate communication between people, to give the ability to communicate at a distance, share photos and so on. Runet- part of the World Wide Web, covers the domain ending. ru, that is, sites that belong to Russia, although in reality, the "Russian" servers, could be anywhere in the world, but on a different domain can be quite ruskoyazychnye server. That is the first major difference is that ooiao – this is just one of many parts of the Internet, which lives and develops in its own way. Since the Internet is the combined work of people of all states, over the webcams are only the population of Russia, as well as some foreign nationals. Although ooiao and copies some Western sites (many information and entertainment resources), it develops quite differently.

And although the share of its World Wide Web is rather small, he goes his own way. That is the second difference, a very different human resources. The third difference is that the Internet and ooiao at the beginning of the birth of the information age (from thousands nine hundred and fiftieth year of nineteen hundred and ninety year) have evolved quite differently and apart from each other. If the World Wide Web can be regarded as transfer of the first letters at a distance in America (Nineteen shestidesyat fifth year) is a national network of Russian (then USSR), it can be assumed to launch the first satellite (one thousand nine hundred shestidesyat fifth year), then what great hurt our western neighbors and spodvigli them on the development of the Internet. And up to one thousand nine hundred ninth year, these two networks is almost touching, while at the same World Wide Web captures much of the world. And if we paid more attention to our national network, if it got a lot of publicity, it had every chance to become as powerful and have equal rights to the Internet.

The fourth difference is the language network. If the Internet as a global spider web, primary language – English, then Runet, like Russia's national domain – Russian. The fifth difference is included in the Runet and the Internet to scale their networks. If the national Russian domain is combined local area networks, such as sinks, then the World Wide Web is the entire domain, like the same ru, uk, com, and other larger parts. In a word, the difference in size and importance. Oh, and sixth, I quite complete, the distinction is that ooiao affects not only the Internet, and for example, more and Fidonet, free amateur network, as well as many corporate networks, and if by webcams understand users.

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