Kadafi Oil

The obvious one happened! The ONU (Reads ' ' The United States ' ') it decided to invade the Lybian to guarantee the Zone of Aerial Exclusion, that is, to prevent that the government of Muamar Kadafi uses aerial bombings against the rebels. Who gains a Juquinha bullet to distrust that the true intention of the invaders is not to defend the Lybian people, much less to direct the country in the route of the democracy. The patrimony of the Kadafi family is bigger of what the richness of the owner of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Investment fund its I possessed money spread in all the cantos of the world, also in Brazil and the Italian teams Juventus. The Lybian is the eighth producing greater of oil of the world (the oil production fell four times since the beginning of the conflicts. This and other factors had made the price of the oil to go off). Said this, my friends, I do not have doubts of that the concern of the ONU is with the consequncias of a civil war that threat if to prolongate. Little matters for the occidental powers if who governs the Arab countries they are democratical or dictators.

This is fallacy to vender periodical. The basic one is that these countries have steady governments. Only this! The ONU already was born deformed and continues until today. What it justifies not to have ' ' guaranteed the rights civis' ' in Ruanda and the Bsnia, a recent past? How not to intervine in the diverse Israeli and Palestinian situations where if they killed in the Middle East? (by the way, I must assume that the ONU ' ' determinou' ' that Israel only returned territories conquered in the War of the Six Days that Israel ' ' not quis' ') What to say of some African countries that notadamente are ditatoriais and disregard right human beings, as Ivory Coast and Sudan? The reply for all these questions are very simple: everything depends on the economic interests or politicians of the calls ' ' powers ocidentais' '. Finally, any possible picture in the Lybian. In case that the conflicts cease, it is well probable, as well as in the Iraq of the time of the Gulf, that the dictator continues in the power, since that oil is prontinho pra to be vendido for the world.

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