Labor Stress In Venezuela

Jade needs to be carved to be a gem. Chinese proverb Majorities, considerations cannot be denied the relevance and importance that in the time presents/displays stress presents/displays in the Venezuelan enterprise activity, especially in his human resource, that is at the moment confronting situations that they have given to that this it is pronounced dynamically by many factors that become in negative stimuli and that affect the organizational behavior of many companies significantly, of unproductive way, presenting/displaying inadequate a organizational climate to the reality of the national scene. Between those factors there are that them external and internal, are in the first place the political, economic instability, caused by the government who is dice passage to that the uncertainty, risk is generated and it affects the operativity of companies with the security and confidence to achieve its objectives. More, when many companies, especially SMEs and some great ones have stopped working and others have been taken part. Causing all this, fears in the human resource of companies, that fear for their labor security, combined to others a the economic reality that becomes more and more inflationary, repelling significantly in the quality of life of Venezuelan worker. The political uncertainty definitively has entailed to that the stress of in many companies, where the results are very significant, dice to the tensions that are pronounced, unemployments, protests by the actions undertaken by the government, in addition, for example, that if he is not in favor of the political line of the government, exists the fear of being evacuated of his position as it happens and causes a estresante climate in the personnel who does not identify itself with the present socialist ideology. The economic factor, the inflation, the high cost of the life in the present scene has taken passage to that many workers feel estresados because the pays, wages that occur them according to their performance, do not manage to cover to totally satisfy the quality with required life.

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