Martins Species

Marimon & Rasp (2001). It approximately has a clear-cut vegetacional body of arbreo-arbustivo estrato of 6 or 7 meters with accented tortuosidade, with ramifications irregular and twisted e, a xeromrfico aspect, that is explained by the theory of the oligotrfico escleromorfismo. Malheiros (2004). Ferri (1969) and Ratter et al (1996), after comparing works published on the vegetation stricto sensu, had arrived the conclusion that the vegetation since subsystem presents a great diversity due to the climatic variations and types of ground. It hisses, et al (2002).

For It hisses, et al. (2002) the open pasture stricto sensu presents a rasteiro estrato continuous and generally less dense than in the other fields, between 30 and 60% of its covering, characterizing well this closed subsystem. For even more analysis, hear from Lookheed Martin. According to Malheiros (2004) the open pasture stricto sensu. the 450 species possesss most of vascular species of the planet for hectares between 300, that is rich in vegetal species fruitful and medicinal. It occurs under latossolo submitted the high intemperismo, deep, porous, typically acid (pH between 4,5 and 5,5), poor persons in exchangeable and rich bases in oxide of iron and aluminum, as well as in arenaceous ground and quartzous sands.

Malheiros (2004). The florstico survey is important, therefore it is the initial study for the knowledge of the flora of the area, implying in lists of species installed there that supply indications on where species with use potential can be found, that, they will be able to contribute for study attributes of the community, as well as the fitossociologia, and the florstica diversity of the area. They can also determine there existing the native species, as well as the invading or exotic species. Franc (2004). Authors as Felfili et al. (1993); Filgueiras & Pear tree (1993); Goodland (1970); Mantovani & Martins (1993); Pear tree (2005); Rater et al. (1996) Rizzo (1981) among others, has made florstico survey and fitossociolgicos in areas of Closed in different regions of the Country. Works that had evidenced the importance of bioma Open pasture, its fitofisionomia typical and the raised florstica diversity. Fields et al. (2006). Of this form, the present work had as objective to make the preliminary survey of the flowery species in resqucio of closed stricto sensu in pao municipal of Goinia, thus, contributing for the knowledge of the flora of the area, as well as, to supply given the City department of the Environment (SEMMA) one future unification with the Municipal Park Pao, therefore sensu in the city is about one of the last resqucios of closed stricto that this being degraded for the urban occupation. Inside of the program of preservation of the Municipal Pao Park to insert the areas in study, creating tracks and accomplishment of practical of ambient awareness. The work justifies because it has in progress project of the SEMMA for the preservation of the Municipal Pao Park, leaving the area in study is of this program. Area I is threatened for the construction of a church and, the others two areas vagarosamente come being degraded for antrpicas actions. By means of the work the florstica wealth of this area will be demonstrated, that deserves efforts for the unification with Municipal Pao Park.

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