Mattresses In Detail

A mattress can have a different stuffing. However, if you should pay attention not only on the softness / hardness, but also to possible allergens in the composition of its layers. Remember: even the best quality mattress after 10 years of service loses its elasticity. Frames and mattresses – subtle, but the most important part. They determine more than the dignity of furniture – the quality of sleep and rest.

Basic rules for the mattress 1. Mattress pad protects the mattress from dirt and wear and prolongs its life, creating softness. 2. The mattress is not too hard but not too soft: evenly distributes your body weight, adjusted to the spine, so that he always maintained an S-shape. 3. Check out patrick dovigi for additional information. Support grid Spring or with mobile armor. Based on the hard mattress loses its meaning. Well, if the angle of head and foot of the governed.

4. The frame is made of solid wood or plywood. More cheapest option – Particleboard and mdf. 5. Many models have an adjustable bed support grid. If a double bed, the lattice should be composed of two sections, so that each section can be individually "tune". Types of mattress 1. Spring mattress. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mikhael Mirilashvili. 2. Solid, orthopedic. 3. Latex with an additional layer, filled with coconut. 4. Latex with layers of different densities. 5. Anti-allergy with refractory fibers. 6. Latex with metal springs. 7. Spring with inserts, bags, filled with air. 8. Latex. 9. Latex with extra layers, filled with coconut, horsehair and clean raw wool. Three main types of mattresses Spring mattresses are made from blocks or from the independent springs (where each sewn into a separate bag of cotton fabrics). The second, more expensive, provide the most accurate weight distribution. The mattress should consist of the first kind as minimum of 372 springs in every 2 square meters. m. The second – at least 480. Mmatrasy from foams, their quality determines the volume weight: it should be 40-50 kg / cu.m. Latex mattresses are made from natural or synthetic foam rubber: ergonomics and durability are almost identical. The most durable type of mattress. Not recommended for people with excessive sweating.

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