Metal Cabins

In our town a good demand dishes into small spaces. For these purposes, local businessmen buy the metal cabins, cottages cabins cabins Watching how crowds formed around these bistros on wheels, I had the idea to open my trailer and put it in the area where I live. Benefit of this niche is not yet fully occupied. Having talked about this topic with a friend Genk, I decided invite him to become my partner in this business. My friend agreed with pleasure to such kind of proposal. Besides, both of us by this time accumulated some capital, which requires a rational investment.

We started finding a suitable room on wheels. We bought a local newspaper with the ads. "Caravans for sale 'appeared in four ads. We have ring up sales. Two ads at once disappeared, since the conditions of the sale to us seemed doubtful. For the remaining two decided to meet and look good 'face'.

In general, the chosen one trailer dealer on the price priority. In my area there is a small factory for the production of automotive parts. Negotiate with the bosses of the plant so-called lease of the territory, we have received from them 'good'. This is a place for opening seemed to us best to sell our pies. Why? Potential buyers passers-by will be enough. Amounting to simple business plan, estimate the approximate income. Estimated amount of revenue is already too big. And although the costs are also planned rather big, but it was obvious quick payback. Became clear that the idea is very good. And the profit was to be decent. Left to buy food, bring trailer to normal form and hire someone to work in it. All the expenses we have a partner, decided to divide into halves, respectively, and profits also was divided into two pockets. So less confusion. A month later, our office container successfully stood on the spot. A plaque was visible on her 'Hot pies'.

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