Pension Insurance

Later retirement and UNISEX tariffs offer from 2012 disadvantages Munich, 21.10.2011. In the course of the gradual alignment of the statutory retirement age to 67 years, also changes in government-funded retirement pension plans and private life – and Rentenversicherungstragen enter into force from the first of January of the next year. Then applies to Riester -, and Rurup pensions, which are completed, that the minimum pension date now is no longer the 60th year of the life of the insured person from 1 January 2012, but their 62nd year, thus the posts funded or tax benefit. Of earlier should want insurance on his money, he would have to refund the subsidies the Riester contract. The Rurup pension an early withdrawal is excluded”, Andreas Wurscher of Munich, FWU AG explains who is responsible for sales in Germany and Austria.

Private life – and pension insurance contracts, in the form of Fund policies, in the future also applies the 62 years of age, the Tax breaks for the “semi-income system” to obtain. It also remains the rule that the Treaty must have been at least twelve years. Who so thinks about concluding a “Riester”, Rurup pension or a private pension insurance, should act this year, since the extension of the retirement age naturally are disadvantages”, thinks the FWU insurance expert Wurscher. FWU currently offers a wide range of various fund-based retirement pension solutions, which were awarded by the independent rating agency tomorrow & tomorrow. The implementation of the policies is done Luxembourg by the scoring to the FWU group insurance company ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A.. And another aspect should encourage one to think: it is the requirement of the European Court of Justice on the insurance companies to calculate future regardless of gender. These so-called unisex tariffs contribute to equality between male and female insured persons, Although the consequences of this implementation among professionals are more controversial. A corresponding implementation is required no later than the end of next year and already provides tariff new calculations with the insurance company.

A one-time change of contracts relating to the retirement and unisex tariffs offered here. So far, women in pensions with lower pension payments have to settle because their life expectancy is statistically higher than that of men. For the pure risk proportion in women, so the protection of death, is cheaper. We understand of course such pursuits, on the other hand it can be seen that insurers can then best calculate risks, the more specific they are individually to assess. This is only restricted in terms of the appropriate tariff structures in the future and is expressed well in average calculations of the hedged risks gender-neutral”, says Wurscher. He believed, like other professionals that the claim of the European Court rather a disadvantage than an advantage for individual insured persons bring is likely. If not now, when then? “, says Wurscher, and keeps the time for many citizens more than appropriate, nor in this year the benefits of 2011 tariff structures of ATLANTICLUX life insurance S.A. and to take advantage of the tax framework conditions.” Especially the online issuing offered by the ATLANTICLUX makes possible not only a quick action, but the conclusion for “Late lovers”. Was in the past the time limit for applying for an insurance contract, due to the still payable processing time a few days before the deadline, is possible through the use of online underwriting the distributor directly on-site, contracts up to the Dec. 31, 2011 to complete. Customers can get so in time the benefits before the end of the year. For more information,

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