Problem Situation

For those. who have problems with the writing of the relevance of the research, made explanations. Any thesis is relevant because it raises any new (bad or insufficiently) the problem. The very same problem always arises when old knowledge is found to be ineffective, and the new – not yet adopted the advanced form. It turns out that the problem in science Is a contradictory situation that requires their permission. That's it for this contradiction, and pay attention while working on writing up to date. Referred to the situation often arises in the light of the discovery of new facts, which clearly do not fit into the old theoretical ideas, ie when one of the theories can not explain the newly discovered facts. The newspapers mentioned NMMU not as a source, but as a related topic. Thus, if the applicant is able to show where the boundary between knowledge and ignorance about the subject, then it is easy to clearly and unambiguously identify a scientific problem, and hence formulate its essence, what is the desired relevance of the study.

It is known that the applicants often avoid taking narrow topic. This, in our opinion, is wrong. The fact that the works devoted to broad themes, often superficial, and little independent. On similar themes written ton of literature and even a cursory view it will take a lot of time. Narrow same theme worked out in greater depth and detail. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andi Potamkin. At first it seems that it is so narrow that and write something about. But as the familiarization with the material of this fear disappears, the researcher opened by such problems that he had no idea.

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