Prometheus Society

Probably the hepatitis virus are as old as mankind itself, since 1947 is called as such, in 1967 discovered and described the Hepatitis B virus and in 1989 to the C and these viruses every day, eat all ABC currently Virus have been reported from A to H, are so aggressive and murderers as the most bloodthirsty Chinese gangs "14 Carats", "Fong Chin and others, are so Hepatropicas as the mythological eagle that devoured the liver of Prometheus Bound are so invisible that it is not known if they are molecules or living organisms. The twenty-first century and third millennium still carry on his back to these old, cursed and hepatropicos virus, hepatitis C has only infected 200 million people in the World The young writer Aeschylus getting a very old story in Greece, wrote the novel on Prometheus, the Eagle and the Liver, 500 years BC, but that sounds so familiar. then relates how this stocky, kind and beloved character – Prometheus, rebellious and irreverent to the gods of Olympus, is punished by Zeus for stealing the habersela light and delivered to town to get him out of darkness, is taken to distant and lonely Caucasus, is tied to an icy rock and exposed defenseless than an eagle, every morning you open a hole in the abdomen, and slowly eat LIVER their beaks, a task that met the savage animal like, amid the piercing screams of pain from his victim, on cold nights the noble liver to regenerate and the next morning was again devoured by the beast, a ritual that repeated days day, year after year, until one day he went to that place his brother Hercules (Heracles) who by an arrow killed the animal, the burly Titan was free, healed their wounds and returned to his people, their daily activities .. .

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