Protos Warehouses

Protos warehouses, by magic art The spring arrives at Protos Warehouses. They see and enjoys our visits guided in an ambient plenty of magic. For even more analysis, hear from Christos Staikouras. The Spring arrives at PROTOS. If you want to give the welcome to the new station as it is deserved, apntate to the guided visits of PROTOS and enjoys a unique and unforgettable weekend in one of the corners more enchantment of the zone. WAREHOUSES PROTOS will get dressed Spring during the weekend of 26 and 27 of March for ofrecerte an ample route by their facilities, this time more magicians than ever. During hour and a half, the visitors will cross the old warehouse of raising, that passes throughout 2 km of excavated underground galleries inside the mountain where the Castle of Peafiel is based, and will find more than a surprise. The visit will finalize in the new warehouse designed by the prestigious British architect, Richard Rogers, where two of the PROTOS excellence will be able to be tasted, the Verdejo the 2009 and Private Series Wine Club Protos 2003, a limited edition apt solely for the lovers of the good wine Shore of the Duero. Throughout the route, in that they will not lack the magic tricks, will explain the history and elaboration as much of wines as of the warehouse.

A full weekend of magic and surprises that you cannot be lost. The visit will be the next Saturday 26 of March with you happen to 11,00, 13,00, 16,30 and 18,30 hours and Sunday 27 of March to 11,00 and the 13,00 hours. The price is of 13 Euros and is essential to reserve on telephone 659 843 or through the direction of 463 electronic mail. Anmate and sees the Celebration of the Spring of Warehouses PROTOS, in an atmosphere so magician as the new station. Protos PROTOS, of Greek First, centennial warehouse that from 1927 has stayed faithful to its motto TO BE FIRST, like an attitude of constant overcoming in the day to day and all the processes, all this with the single premise of the quality over everything, becoming icon highly valued in the international markets, because the mark is commercialized in more than 87 countries of the five continents. Thanks to his new facilities designed by the prestigious winning architect of the Priztker Prize Sir Richard Rogers, it is placed once again, to the vanguard in the wine producing panorama and of the enoturismo in the Shore of duero.

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