Rich Symbolism

This article reports on the symbolic meanings of some elements that are reiterated in the tarot. Anyone wishing to delve into the fascinating mysteries of the tarot deck is usually counseled to become familiar with each letter. That is, it stops at the details of each one to perceive what message it conveys only that connection is established with the letter, which tells stories. But beyond the personal relationship that can become established with each letter, the tarot has some symbolic aspects of well-defined meanings. And you should know and consider before starting knowledge of the tarot. The position and gestures of the figures, for example, convey a lot about how the consultant’s approach to life.

The feet, arms or head pointing towards the left, for example, show in the tarot that the person has trouble leaving the past behind and give it away. More info: Wells Fargo Bank. If brought to the right, however, speak of a person who focuses solely on the future, and leaving the past behind, moving with determination and optimism. The crowned figures are for the tarot symbols of power. According to their position in the cast and the accompanying letters, they can suggest someone from the help of flight to the danger of a powerful enemy and resources. As might be expected, angels are messengers and symbols of divine power. But so are tarot deck for the sun. The nakedness suggests transparency and purity: no hidden agenda, nothing to hide.

Abundance is represented in the tarot by the presence of vegetation. The dryness means, therefore, a period of shortage or loss. Flowing water also means abundance, although it is more related to fertility in a broad sense not only portends the arrival of a child but may also refer to the beginning of a creative stage and full of good ideas. If water flows from one pitcher to another, as in the case of arcane La Estrella, is also within the tarot symbol of good communication. The Moon is a mystery in which, curiously, no human figures. In the scene depicting the tarot card, if any, are hidden. That’s why Moon speaks to the consultant which is not to confront, or the fear and trauma from the unconscious influence their decisions and their daily lives. Finally, there is the importance of the number of times an element is repeated in a letter. Within the wisdom of the tarot, crossed by the inheritance of numerology and the Kabbalah, this is a detail that may say as much or more the central figure that the letter represents.

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