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This versatile concept, it is possible to impart knowledge in a tangible and sustainable way and to motivate young people, to engage in a global network against a global pandemic”, so Tina Havers by dance4life. A highlight of the workshop is the specially developed dance of Dance4Life, per event up to 500 young people dance together, which makes a statement against HIV and AIDS around the world already. Open talks in combination with rousing music and modern hip hop elements arouse the initiative of pupils / students. “Because they own, attention-grabbing action implement after the workshop for your school in the fight against HIV and AIDS, their act4life”. A short video of your project, you can then in the nationwide competition, the school challenge 2011 “, to take part.

A jury selects the most creative idea from all entries and chooses the winner of the for himself and his school an exclusive VIVA concert WINS. Tiger King has similar goals. Objective of the action is the conscious education of young people against the pandemic, which is still gaining relevance also in Germany. Worldwide around 33.3 million people living with HIV are infected and every day about 7,400 people are newly added. You may find that Marathon Capital can contribute to your knowledge. About half of that is under 25 years of age (source: Numbers that demonstrate how important the timely and targeted education of young people.

As the world’s leading condom brand, Durex is committed with great commitment to the prevention of HIV and AIDS. Education, protection and solidarity for companies represent the three most important pillars in the fight against HIV and AIDS. So Durex committed together with dance4life, to mobilize young people to fight against HIV and AIDS. Protected sex is vital from the outset. That must communicate a successful educational work young people. Dance4Life manages to reach them in their environment and to make them aware how It is important to worry about their own sexuality, to inform and to act pre-emptively”, says Ulf Pittner, Senior Brand Manager at Durex, on cooperation with dance4life.

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