Spring In The Garden

In the spring, the garden with colorful flowers from winter sleep wakes up. A special time in the garden year: There is much to do, but also previous preparations pay off. (tdx) Abundant winter sports, snow-covered landscapes and crackling log fires so beautifully the winter months were gradually this year, so some longs to warmer temperatures and the reawakening of nature. Garden owners have good especially this, because the first spring fever come up quickly in your own home garden: tender shoots, colorful flowers and verdant shrubs bring life to the wintry gray and reward for those who have already thought of planting last autumn. Nobody must be at the beginning of the year do: while doing the first cleanup garden fit for spring, flower bulbs driven to and early flowering shrubs and trees make for a successful start in the gardening season. Snowdrops, Crocuses, daffodils and tulips announce spring every year. However, bulbs must fall into the Earth, because tubers need until cold, then rising temperatures for their development.

Who wants to get the spring at short notice in his garden, chooses a clever alternative: flower bulbs driven to. These are used in the greenhouse, when buying shortly before flowering. This effect can be estimated more easily and you can look forward immediately on a few fresh splash of color against the window. While the early bloomers not only easily can be in beds plant: pots, boxes and bowls on a balcony or terrace as well suited for planting bulbs. Very close to each other and different result combines great flower arrangements.

Another advantage: Many of the driven above bulbs about grape hyacinth or Winterlinge bloom in the next year again, if you fertilize them to fade and then savaged in the garden. The first spring flowers sprout, it’s time to the garden after winter front man to bring. The winter protection can now be removed and the beds must be loosened and fertilized with natural compost. The lawn areas must be cleaned from leaves and MOSS and also need sufficient fertilizer at high strain. Potted plants should be repotted because the root ball over the winter can be grown. In addition, Garden owners fruit and ornamental trees should cut back such as Apple trees or hybrid teas or thin out, so that they carry especially blossoms and fruit in the summer. But be careful: In spring flowering shrubs such as forsythia and PRIVET, must not be cut, because it would otherwise remove the shoots important for flowering. The spring months are the ideal planting time especially for shrubs, perennials, and shrubs. Because these roots well at colder temperatures and can absorb enough nutrients from the soil. In addition, there are a number of ornamental nursery, the similar Daffodils, Crocuses and co. due to her early expulsion of ushering in the spring in the garden. For example, the ornamental cherry, is a such early bloomers which densely close standing flowers in soft pink or pure snow white light. Because of its red flowers, cast out long before the leaves, also of the Red Rose Daphne in the Spring Garden is a welcome guest, the garden owner also enchants with its pleasant smell. Easter snowball, which earns its name with its White, ball-shaped inflorescences exudes a pleasant vanilla scent. Planting the ornamental shrub in a protected site, he keeps all year about its dark green leaves. So is this Evergreen is sure that the garden not too dreary and blank looks in winter. Tanja EST

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