Steam Ironing System

On clothes to meet the mind escort – so tells us an old Russian proverb, it is difficult not to agree with her. It is absolutely clear that the appearance can say a lot. But no matter what style you practice, the main thing that the clothes were clean and tidy. Especially a lot of trouble delivering care and maintenance of different types of fans costumes. Iron and ironing board are not the most optimal way, given the continuing shortage of time, that many do not like to iron. Above all, in the inept hands ironing quality is poor – it's unnecessary and 'Shine', and prints of joints and burned things. Despite the large selection of different models of irons, different surfaces, temperature regimes and others – are always iron iron.

To achieve professional-quality ironing, you want quality equipment. Ironing systems, in contrast to the irons, fitted with a boiler, in which evaporation occurs in sufficient quantities to smooth out even the most difficult fabrics. In modern ironing sistemahpar has a temperature of 160 C, pressure 3-4 bar, and any fabrics – silk, linen or cotton – can (and should) iron at the same temperature, did not burn. Steam Ironing system not only facilitates the ironing, but also clean any fabric, destroys odors and eliminates unnecessary things 'light'. In addition, the steam ironing system can be used for both horizontal and vertical steaming – jet of steam issuing from the holes in the soleplate, the fabric being sewn at a distance of 5-10 cm, which is useful in the care of outer clothing, curtains, drapes, upholstered furniture. So if your wardrobe a lot of things that require careful maintenance, or there are things that require careful handling, we recommend using steam ironing system, and the result will surpass your expectations.

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