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The Saduceus

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

They were, in its majority, people of ownerships and position, and cooperated of good grado with the helenistas of the time. To the time of the N.T they controlled the priesthood and the ritual of the temple. The synagogue, on the other hand, was cidadela of the fariseus. The Saduceus understands the assignment of the second philosophical school of the Jews, to the side of the fariseus. Also for this seita or party it is difficult to determine the origin. We know that it existed in last the two centuries of As the Temple, in complete discord with the fariseus. As we cite, the name seems to proceed from Sadoc, hierarch of the sacerdotal family of the children of Sadoc, that according to ideal program of the constitution of Ezequiel it had to be the only family to exert the priesthood in the new Jew.

In way that, to say saduceus was as to say ' ' pertaining to the party of the sacerdotal lineage dominante' '. They differed from the fariseus for not accepting the tradition verbal. In the reality, it seems that the controversy between them was a continuation of this hostility that had started in the temple of the macabeus, between the helenizantes and the orthodox ones. With effect, the saduceus, belonging to the dominadora classroom, having the small contact with helenizados environments, were inclined to some modifications or helenizaes. The conflict between these two parties was the disaster of the last years of the Jerusalem mistreats. Its doctrines are almost unknown, not having been nothing of its writings. The Bible affirms that they do not create in the resurrection, having until attemped enlace Jesus with ardilosa question on this concept. With much probability, despite rejecting the farisaica tradition, they had possessed a relative doctrine to interpretation and to the application of the Biblical law. Only that it offers in them some data on its doctrines are Flvio Josefo that, for being fariseu and for having written for the greco-roman public, he is not worthy of much confidence.