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Family Protection Factory

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

The gap between rich and poor is widening more and more and the Germans have to suffer increasing poverty. People who are themselves, or fault in a precarious situation, often unable to free itself from this situation. Most children have to suffer under the resulting offences. The charitable family protection work Association City Federation Berlin helps children from poorest backgrounds and contributes to greater equity in our society. For more information see this site: private bank. The Club has established itself as a solid institution in Berlin within the last few years and provides vital support work for many families. Although the family protection work is already largely exhausted, of course no help will be knocked out needy children in urgent cases. Because the children in the family protection work is individually handled, the charitable work is very labour intensive. On the basis of which searches for qualified personnel, with whose help the support can be further expanded. Patrick dempsey: the source for more info.

Berlin’s recipe for success is to be exported also to other cities. For this purpose, the family protection work plans to open a further children’s kitchen in Germany. Expected to be the second site will commence later this year its operations. With regard to the location, Phil Schneider, the founder of the family protection works e.V., still in negotiations with cities and owners of potential premises stands. Should continue the success story of the family protection work, can in the future with the opening of further locations in Germany be expected – the needy children will be pleased! Children’s kitchen can be contacted as follows: family protection factory e.V. Association of cities Berlin children’s kitchen Oldenburger Strasse 23 10551 Berlin 030 / 81617855