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Latin America

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

In this gigantic mobilisation the sole protagonist will be the Latin American people. In that there is no drivers, but interpreters, according to the clay will – me that you found the time conducive to its implementation. Fate has given us the great buy – miso clarify each people, each brother, so the destination so read our way and not to the way that we want to impose. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ted Brandt. We are fully aware that we are just instruments of a collective decision but we will assume the fullness of the duties and responsibility – des that it imposes. We appeal to the moral reserves that they infuse their faith, their tenacity, that guide us and help us. We ask God that would give us the sagacity to allow us to recognize the greater wisdom of the gifts and use it in the service of the common good. We ask Allaah to grant us goodness for sea neighbor, ability to inspire confidence and humility to admit our mistakes.But this cannot be done us ignore the fact of inequality that manifests itself with painful evidence between progress and well-being achieved in a part of America and backwardness and misery in which live millions of beings in the other part of America, in our America.

Our first obligation as Americans is to ensure the fate of these beings and ensure that they enjoy the same levels of material and spiritual progress achieved in other latitudes. Only then, when the community of geography, history and the ideal integrates with the similarity of economic and social progress and spiritual development, only then will more mean the existence of a full continental unity.It is also true that we historically belong to the cultural world of the West which for us is not antagonism. On the contrary, we are heirs to a spiritual legacy based on the recognition of the sacred condition and of the creative potential of the human person. Why precisely, because we are children of the West we feel part of the universal community of peoples and feel as our struggles waged for freedom and progress in all corners of the Earth.For all these reasons we can say that the Argentina will act in the world moved by his native vocation of being a great nation, driven by its ecumenical vocation of serving the cause of all mankind. Pursuant to these principles, Argentine international politics should be placed at the service of the Latin American brotherhood, understanding between all peoples and the validity of an international morality based on the freedom, democracy, peace, progress, self-determination and full sovereignty of all Nations, at a level of absolute equality. We will resume this way the thinking of a large Argentine must learn from our own mistakes.

Want God enlighten your amiability and guide this great Latin American people who deserve peace, freedom and progress, by the way of their happiness and greatness, but also wants Latin America not wait all of Providence and decide to confront the future with mood, resolved, and hopeful heart. We understand that the clarity of the concepts must be transmitted by a company not committed to these centres of world power. PAG.