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The Engine

Saturday, August 8th, 2020

On top of the chassis frame is inserted planer table and side table attached to the router and dolbezhnika. Surface gauge – an important part of the machine required in the manufacture of windows, doors and other woodwork where important pieces of the same size. Surface gauge function in the machine performs the planing shaft, which is located under the adjustable table. Harvesting of the table pressed against the two rubber rollers, taken from the squeezing device washing machine. Moves workpiece on the table manually, the mechanism for this, I did not, but if the tree does not put much effort tarry not. The main body of the machine table is set on four vertical rods, of the corner table, which come in four tight tubes, welded to the base. The hoisting mechanism – fixed table along with slides and screw four levers in the form of a letter V, the upper ends attached to the sled, and lower to the bottom of the machine. Milling planer table – also cooked in round and rectangular tubes.

It is installed shaft, front and rear table, as well as on two racks above the saw table is inserted. Shaft on three knives, length 25 cm, installed on the right saw (can be installed blade or cutter) on the left cutter head, conical or round sandpaper, drill, or bolt cutter. Planing table adjustable – rear with four bolts welded to the plate table, front – eccentrics. Unions, for lack of tokarki are made as follows: take two pieces of pipe with a fork bike. They inserted a smaller diameter trees to offset one side and tightly welded. On the tube sleeve dress with two rear wheel of a bicycle (ideal diameter), which are welded to the plate table. Shafts are inserted into sleeves, attached to the planer table and a bed between is connected to the levers and the traction. In order to ensure the parallelism of the front and rear traction table length is adjustable.

Also on the planer bed table has two clamping shaft surface gauge. Cutting table is welded from the corner and down on it on a sheet fastened rivets PCB 10 mm thick. On the machine it is installed by means of two vertical posts that are firmly fixed to the tubes and bolts for adjusting the height of lift (Released saws). In the raised position the table serves as a reflector chip for planing on a surface gauge. On the table provides the installation of a ruler and straightedge. The engine was originally from the old machine, but then it burned down and was replaced by a three-phase, 4 kW. 3000 rev / min. Connected via capacitors star.