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Making Money Online

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Making money online is as easy as never before. Years ago I had to understand how to read and write code in any programming language to put a Web site, but not anymore. Now Web sites are created in a way that can make your own sites as easy or easier in my opinion to create a page on blogspot. Creating a website is not the hard part at all, tons of people have their own sites but how many of these people manage to drive traffic to their sites? So many people have made money? The percentages of people who have made only $ 1 online, compared to many who have tried to make money are very low. It is safe to say that 99% of people trying to make money online really lose money because they buy a domain name and then pay other people to do things that they could do, this happens in most cases.

If you hire someone or some company to do SEO for your site, you are wasting a great amount of money on something you can do for a fraction of the price. Having great content on your site is necessary, but do not take away. Just as if I had a shop with great merchandise, it is necessary to advertise and people need to know about your business. This is where Internet marketing comes into play. You have to spend time giving publicity to your website that you invest time to make it look nice.