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Turkish Parliament

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

In the official newspaper of the Turkish government 'Resmi Gazete' was published by the new law number 5444, allows foreign persons to acquire real estate in the country. The law adopted by the Turkish Parliament on December 29, 2005. Read additional details here: Gedas Adomavicius. By this law, in Turkey, foreign natural persons may acquire ownership of property or get someone else to use immovable property on the basis of limited property rights in accordance with a number of conditions. The same principle from 29/05/1940 to 05/29/1940 vzaimonosti respected but not enforced, or shall we say not all countries, however, it is Russia that falls under the "principle of reciprocity." According to this principle to the citizens of another country Turkey, when making their real estate transactions, subject to the laws, similar to Turkish citizens buying property in the country N. In practice, this means the following – as in the Russia adopted an amendment to certain laws, the same sort of amendment has been adopted in Turkey. That's why right now to purchase property in Turkey the Russians must have a valid residence permit for at least 6 months.

In general, the procedure of purchasing property in Turkey is simple, but rather prolonged the time – because each transaction prior to its final signature is checked in Ankara. Mikhael Mirilashvili understood the implications. First of all – you must select object. After that, sign a preliminary agreement with the owner and the agency for services. Then you can safely recover issue residence permit, after which the documents are submitted for consideration in Ankara. If you work with a serious agency, for its consideration, it is obliged to act on your side and to notify you of any potential problems in time to apply not only to the Land Registry Office, but also on residence permit, to accompany you in obtaining tax number of foreigners and even the bank where you open an account. And the tax number and bank account needed when buying property in Turkey, because of my account in a Turkish bank account you will be lead to the seller. So, to buy property in Turkey you will need:-to come and choose the most property-sign the sale contract, to sign an agency contract for services, to issue residence permit, open a bank account, pay taxes, get the keys from the apartment. Good luck to you buy!

Agricultural Land

Friday, September 17th, 2021

The task for the work produced on the basis of data of land cadastre of Ukraine on land and agricultural land purposes, provided in the form of extracts in the form of site plan. Land surveying facilities includes the following activities: 1. preparatory work (collecting and studying information on the state land cadastre land; addresses of persons whose rights may be affected during the surveying, etc.). 2. notice to persons whose rights may be affected during the subdivision of agricultural land and so on. Geodesic robots for regulation of activities on the robot are surveying instruction in engineering surveying, surveying and geodesic works, works in a geodesic engineering surveys. Site plan can be obtained by surveying and engineering research. Typically, engineering surveys – the cornerstone of any construction.

Geodesic company conducting engineering surveys are responsible by law for the materials of their work. In general, the cost of engineering studies is 3-5% of the budget building. Geodesic company has at its disposal modern surveying instruments and equipment for high-quality surveys. Sale of land People who have experience in sales of agricultural land in Ukraine (in terms of taxation and investment attractiveness) assess land. Upon the sale of agricultural land, collect the necessary information to provide the service to assess the land. Broad use of computers reduces the time of surveying, site plans, tracing agricultural land.

The case of geodetic firms have about our offers surveying, in addition to the basic order. Available in the activity of construction surveying firms can analyze the work of higher quality construction firm and objective. Agricultural Lands Lands agricultural land considered below the residence reserved for agriculture. For information on the situation in the fertility of agricultural lands – are available to all. And responsible for the topicality information on indicators of fertility of agricultural lands Min. agriculture. Agricultural lands are located also in the agricultural lands and have the advantage of use. For non-agricultural land from buildings abductor agricultural land of poor quality land estimation. To carry out the lines, roads and pipes predostavlyayutsya land Agricultural land is better. Land Law, in particular about the land law essays or sites on the topic 'Land Law' can be found freely available on the Internet. Copyright Materials on Land Law ostayutsya inalienable. We are not responsible for the consequences associated with the use of instruments of land law or part of the paper about land law.

Nissan Motor Profit

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

" They plan to build about 60 barges. Throughput of the "Port Vanino" 7 months of 2010 increased by 1.4% – to 3.56 million tons of "Vanino sea trading port" (JSC "Port Vanino", Khabarovsk Krai) also increased turnover, so that the crisis is behind For most organizations. 3. Operating profit Europe's biggest airline Lufthansa in the II quarter of 2010 increased three times due to the recovery in demand for passenger and freight transport, said the agency AGI. At the same time, net income rose by 118% to 194 million, "Times" …

6962.shtml 4. The group of companies airline S7 (Siberia," "Globe"), summed up its operating results for first half of 2010, reporting that six months of 2010, the services of airlines within the group of companies S7 used 2, 6 million passengers, up 13% over the same period of 2009. Increase in the number of passengers on flights to Russia amounted to 16%. The passenger from the beginning of 2010 grew by 5.5%, the volume of cargo and Mail flights airline S7 Group increased by 11.4% to 19.9 thousand tons. Passenger load factor for the period from January to June 2010 was 74%. "Times" 5. Nissan Motor Profit for the II quarter was $ 1.2 billion in net income Nissan Motor Company in the second quarter of 2010 totaled $ 1.2 billion on revenue of $ 23.6 billion, writes the Associated Press. Last fiscal year, Nissan has finished the second quarter with a loss of $ 190 million, "Times …