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Taster Cruises

Friday, November 1st, 2019

Not least because of the extensive marketing of AIDA cruises are booming in recent years. In 2006, the first time more than one million German on board an ocean or river cruise ship put to sea. Some people think now, perhaps motivated by positive reports to the circle of friends, are also trying to time on a cruise. But still there – often motivated by the ZDF in Germany through the series, Love Boat ‘widespread stereotype of the old, frail and sometimes a little strange fellow travelers – many people have of the trip on a ship. Ultimately, one can say that polarizes the cruise: For the greater number of first time travelers is the premiere travel the beginning of a great love – once Crusaders, always Crusaders.

A smaller portion comes from the first time travelers board and says: “Once and never again! You do not know to which group you belong to? It’s simple: Then book just a taster cruise! Many shipping companies are now offering these two-to six- first time travelers to. Without extensive air routes and at comparatively low prices, this would potentially in recent weeks from Germany as the Jewel of the Seas, the shipping company Royal Caribbean, MSC Opera, Costa Classica, or learn about the Dolphin Voyager. Also for more exclusive ships like the sailing ships of Sea Cloud, the famous MS Europe or just the current dream boat MS Deilmann Reederei of Germany can be booked taster trips. However, not only for first time travelers experience tours are suitable – even repeaters have to discover the opportunity as yet unknown harbors, a ship that still in the ‘Library’ is missing to conquer, or just spend a few relaxing days in between – because sea air makes not only hungry but happy!