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Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Regarding the management of crisis situations, have no doubt that the topic of the moment by all sides is the intensification of the economic crisis world for this 2009 year that has just begun. Sometimes I wonder: is this really the situation as grim as it we have daily newscasts and financial experts? Personally, I have my reservations. I would like to present you some data to bring out your own conclusions:-until last week, the English club Manchester City offered the historical figure of 150 billion dollars by the Brazilian footballer Kaka to sign. -At this time the internet is generating multi-million dollar business! Did you know that Microsoft offered by Yahoo 44,600 million dollars? And Yahoo believed that it was not enough! -Have you heard of Mark Zuckemberg, the young man of 23 years who founded Facebook, a virtual society valued at 15 billion dollars? You have just become the new youngest billionaire in history. -Do you have never heard of? Does Google, Skype, You Tube 10 years ago? Today we don’t know how we could survive without these companies.

-Financial expert Paul Zane Pilzer projected that 10 million new millionaires around the multilevel marketing produced on the internet in the next decade. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hyundai by clicking through. -Companies were recently acquired such as My Space at 580 million dollars, You Tube at 1,650 million dollars, Skype at 2,650 million dollars. None of them had income for being free. Is it true then that no money? Is it true that there is a big economic crisis in the world? It is my opinion very particular that the world is like a scale. The old school of business is in decline, and those who do not want to see it are outdated and which will experience the famous crisis foretold. Those who intend to make a fortune or get out of its financial problems with the traditional way of doing business, no doubt that will be direct victims of the economic crisis so in fashion today.

Hence the importance of point us toward the new era of doing business, the digital era, the era of the internet, because there is no doubt that the internet has never had both value and today and is growing exponentially! Personally, I have great expectations of good business for 2009, which will generate precisely the famous economic crisis, since millions of people around the world will seek additional money through sources of residual income from home, through the internet. Since the beginning, 10 years ago, I always believed in the potential of the internet as a source of business. Bill Gates recently said that who not does business on the internet for 2012 will be in big financial trouble. I tell you that I start 2009 by investing in very profitable businesses with great potential on the internet in the short term.