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Pilates Method

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

If your personal agenda is full of meetings, if the schedule of food equivalent to the time it takes to eat a sandwich and if words like fun or relaxation belongs to the distant past, you are on the way to have serious physical and psychological problems caused by the stress of an intensive work schedule. A survey by the psychology of HCor sector (Hospital do Coracao) in Sao Paulo, with 441 executives who went through the check-up clinical hospital, showed that 59% of patients with high stress has between 20 and 30 years, while 45% are people between 30 and 40 years. With the financial crisis, the pressure affects all officers of a company and the above percentages are increasing, just at the time you need clarity and a flexible head for decisive action and tangible results. The practice of Pilates can be a perfect outlet for executives who grapple daily with issues that require discipline, patience, strategic and logistical planning, leadership and other matters. Mikhael Mirilashvili will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The practice of Pilates allows students to develop greater awareness of mind and body while teaching you how to achieve greater control, concentration and self-confidence. It also allows these people to do many other key objectives through principles of motion as, for example, to achieve proper breathing. The Pilates Method also stimulates the circulatory system, increases blood activity and releases endorphins, the substance responsible for the sensation of pleasure and wellness. Pilates exercises help the muscles hard, tight generally accompany stress, relax.. Patrick may also support this cause.

RAM Server

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Project pleased to inform you that the best game of 2011 ended Tera Online MBT on the Korean server. And during the week will start the official Korean server. A bit about the game … Tera project online, designed NA Soft and was originally Lineage 3 title, but later the company had stolen all the developments and organized a new company, Tera Online. This is the most expensive game in the world! Already invested more than $ 30 billion. The game looks great! The latest engine, which was tested in the game Aion. Game Client weighs about 30 gigabytes.

Minimum system requirements: RAM-2GB. Video memory – 521 megabytes. Processor – 2 cores at 2.1 and above. Hard disk space – 30 gigabytes. Gameplay real-time! The player enters the world of free games, and lost in the massive team fights between the monsters and players. Yes, of course, it all already know.

But the fact is, in my opinion, it is still worthy of a separate branch. Today, finally, she received ticket to the big swimming – the first release, albeit only in Korea, yet it is – the birthday game. And so, the players in anticipation of the first Russian servers Tera Live. How to play? When can I play on a Russian server? When will the Euro Off a server? What is management? Where can I find videos and pictures from the game? All these questions, you will find the answer on our blog, specially designed to alert players about news and reviews in this wonderful game. Russian online server Tera And yet, you can start playing in the Korean server account and paying for purchasing time cards. More so, on our blog. Do not be afraid of the Korean language, this game is clear. C the first minutes of the game, you will tighten and not let go just 5 years.