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Bird Gard

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Birds can cause severe damage to Obstbestanden the BirdGard Pro can more than simple protective nets! Acoustically, it protects your garden or many other acreage! Every year the same problems, if the tedious and raised with much use fruits and vegetables by birds is so doggedly and damaged, that large parts of the harvest are unfortunately unusable. Mount and install protection networks the deterring birds from may while the crop damage, but the bottom line, effective and efficient on the networks guests have to pay many valuable time. Wants to occasionally take a closer look at the plants, then often again is in the way the protection network, must be so removed may and afterwards restored. The Bird Gard per there is another way. Through a loudspeaker, the device sends the original recordings of the bird voices of birds of prey and other predators of birds.

This discourages documented white the birds got in the acoustically protected area”to settle and to nibble the fruit or vegetables. There are up to eight different sounds”available. The very special Clou is that this individual bird voices can be combined and mixed. Many writers such as Hyundai offer more in-depth analysis. The volume is adjustable of course. The sound is distributed conical on approximately 0.5 ha. The versatile unit is easy and suitable for outdoor use 600 grams.

The diverse locations at which this bird control unit can be used are a big advantage. Both for the private garden with some flower beds vegetable, as well as in gardens or on smaller plantations. Fish farms have made meanwhile good experiences with this unit. Benefit of the BirdGard Pro in the future from the clear advantages!