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Universal Rights

Monday, January 21st, 2019

The tecnicismo has been ones of the great villains for the depressing picture where if it finds the education Brazilian, this in very behind result practical didactic-pedagogical, the lack of studies and qualification in such a way of students and professors, beyond the administrative gaps that the schools if come across, I do not contend one homogeneous administrative politics that can enclose all universe of the educational establishments creating one ' ' feudalismo' ' inside of the hierarchy of being able of the schools, making with that many directors and supervisors act its will without following a constitution in accordance with who you can all involve the picture of schools of the country. The alienation which the professors have that to find every day in public education he has a profile until comic actor. With the inherited pertaining to school pragmatismo since the socrtica time, passing for atrelado education the Christian religion during the average age later supplanted by a dark Iluminista impetus, it places the sight a face horrenda of a insolvent organism that keeps the human being during schedule ' ' X' ' prisoner, limiting its right to go to come. If the right to choose its proper way well is one of them pillars of ' ' Declaration of the Universal Rights of the Homem' ' , because to inside keep pupils of the classroom that does not want to learn, what it makes with that the lessons if become tiring and desgastantes taking as many professors and students to an index of highest the mental conditioning and stress, compromising beside the point the academic income and raising the reduction tax continues of professionals to exert its functions, much due to the excess of work and the constant moral aggressions, and as if became habitual physics ' ' trabalhadores' ' of the education. Ah that if to make a in such a way structural change as of conscience of the paper of the school in the society. A good part of guilt for the esfacelamento of education also fits the society. With a day-care center mentality that until more ' ' foureniano' ' it would envy the parents are not there very interested where its children learn, and yes that they pass part of its day it are of house that can make its domestic tasks without having the concern to have that to watch over for the security of its rebentos. In short the professor turned a dribble luxury, with schedules, dates and duties very established well to play its tasks. To who we must wait a metamorphosis that you can raise our standard of social and economic improvements? The education that supposedly frees? Or that it condemns? I prefer to be this ambulant metamorphosis

Paleolithic Age

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Diamantino author (1993) is of opinion that the woman Brazilian since, or very early better, since whom he is born is educated? for inside? , that is, he is created to serve, to be obedient, to marry, to respect its husband, to have children, to be house owner, to expose it an exhausting work, without recesses or recognition. in such a way, lives, without conditions some of it to be proportionate the pleasure. For it, the sexuality ' ' the impulse is mentioned to it and to the emotion that the proximity of the sex can produce, it exceeds physical definitions and if it places as something diffuser permeando all the moments of vida' ' (Diamantino 1993, P. 1154). As one of the variants of the sexuality human being the Homossexualidade appears, that nothing more is that the physical and sentimental attraction between people of the same sex. The term homossexualidade homos drift of the Greek, who means ' ' semelhante' ' , ' ' igual' ' ; was created in 1869 by the writer and Austrohungarian journalist Karl-Maria Kertbeny. Historians affirm that, even so the term is recent, the homossexualidade exists since the primrdios of the humanity having had diverse forms to approach the question.

To have an idea, older archaeological registers point with respect to 1.200 B.C., in the Paleolithic Age, where some paintings of cave portraied the activity sexual of the time. They had been found in the cave of Gorge d' Enfer in Dordonha in France, and since then, if has indications of that they had relations homosexuals between the peoples. (MOTT, 2003) In recent years it had, in Brazil and Latin America, an increasing interest for studies on the homossexualidade, masculine how much in such a way feminine. Parallel to this, a significant multiplication of movements is perceived homosexuals in Brazil, calls LGBT. The thematic lesbian, target of our study, nor always had space, and for this exactly, she is that we adentramos in the subject, a time that this subject appeared basically of our theoretical fidgets in elapsing of the academic formation, therefore are several the problems that this group of women comes passing throughout the years.