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Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

All existence has memory and what exists or has existed has a history. With your memory, we can write your story. Why not tell your life, the trajectory of your family, your surname, bereavement, of a company or of a people, of a building. The pace of our times prevents us to look back to the origins and learn from the time they conceived what we are now. Don’t let forgetfulness or laziness to arrebaten the possibility of knowing what you’ve done and what you’ve experienced, what you’ve accomplished or what have you lost your loved ones. You can order your own biography or you order it as a special gift. It’s never too early to look back and collect some data, a few facts that only you know.

Why not remember also the history of a company, of a signature. The attempt to reconstruct the facts allows us to learn from the experience. In this time of uncertainty, of changes in the order of our priorities, remember our history can help us find decisions, elections, and hazards that brought us to the place where we are, to the present moment. A biography of enterprise picks up a feeling of pride that we can share with our internal and external audiences and can serve for us to publicize and promote us. We also write personal biographies custom-made for institutions. If local or regional entities wish to collect information, experiences, stories a locality of an emblematic building, some popular character, a festivity, etc. can elaborate a fully exclusive book that responds to the needs of the institution. Remember that all existence has a history.