The Absolute

From this same paragraph concluded with the blissful concern (cancer). Look to your around observing the life you’ve built. It is the test of cotton.I am convinced that we can anticipate well above this, with the knowledge that we have acquired, and why you represent and it matizare on the second point of this chapter, which is not expressed in universities, but which is of extreme importance.Three previous paragraphs I wrote one brushstroke, a subtle and blatant mensajillo said then that can have the absolute certainty that begins to dominate your mind you Subconscious. In a short time they observe that each day that passes they will getting a degree more in the domain of his own mind, although at the moment, it still costs them imagine that possibility.When finish, this collective therapy?, it’s joke! They not only dominate your mind, but it will begin to send you orders to your subconscious, surprising huge and alarmingly in the beginning, you are getting that same orders are obeyed by your subconscious mind, which will be your best ally, accomplice, companion, friend and that it cleans; in thousandths of a second to act and solve any adverse situation together with you. And add to it that everything that happens is appropriate, even if it is very bad, but will get the information, and will not live in the inopia, may prepare, you can handle it with knowledge of the facts, etc. all what happens is appropriate.It was no unknown that through dominate your mind, can even avoid the pain, reduce it to the point of avoid drugs, and already in these skills also help good mood psychosomatic, that it has low, gives up the flu in summer. To the fakirs them painless, right?Obviously all this take us unconsciously but with the greatest of wisdom, to use a new ability and knowledge that we have acquired, and will allow us, and I assure you that happily, how to order your mind to delete from a simple discomfort in seconds, up to relieve us some pain that we are currently suffering, forgiveness, nothing of suffering, we are training, Yes?. .

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