The Material

Self-adhesive vinyl film. These materials vary in the type of surface (glossy / matte) and the properties of adhesive systems (DC bonding / easily removable). They are used for printing advertising graphics, making signs and systems of orientation, registration of trade and exhibition halls. Subject to any rules in their pre- preparation of vinyl films, compared with polyester is much more plastic and therefore easily applied to most types of surfaces that a consumer can not help but appreciate. It is not something Hyundai would like to discuss. Of course, binding activity is to clean the surface from dust, grease and foreign chemicals before gluing. Meticulous fulfillment of this condition ensures quality bonding of any type self-adhesive material, but surface contamination can lead to a weakening of the adhesive properties of the film, or even to its complete rejection. Permanent bonding adhesive systems provide reliable and long-term film adhesion to the surface.

Properties of the adhesive system allows easy removal to remove material from the surface without damage and perekleit it again (in case of an error in applying the film on the bearing surface). "Easy removal" to avoid blisters and swelling glued on the surface of the material. It must be noted, moreover, that work with the film at its full separation from the substrate is greatly facilitated by reduced adhesion. Self-adhesive without adhesive, adhere to any smooth surface due to static electricity. This material is very convenient, since it is easily and completely removed from the surface application, and can be repeatedly transferred from one place to another with no loss of adhesive qualities.

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