The Production

22). Moreover, this period also marcado by the mundializao of the production, the circulation and the consumption, that is, detodo the cycle of reproduction of the capital, therefore, with the destruction of the Socialismo5, occurred to the internationalization docapitalismo, that starts to practically reach> all the planet and receives umadenominao special: Globalizao6. Thus being, for the author citadoacima, the technological advances, particularly in the transports and nascomunicaes, makes possible the great corporations, to decompose the processoprodutivo and to exhaust its stages in world-wide scale. As much the production how much oconsumo leaves of being local to become world-wide. In this manner, on the basis of Conticitado for Moreira (2002), this new known period as meiotcnico-scientific-informacional, that it is a new phase of the productive model, sediferencia of the others for the deep interaction of science and the technique, sendoque, the idea of science, technology and global market, must encaradaconjuntamente be. To read more click here: Linkedin.

In this direction, we can understand cited geographic half successive queos until here, had been produced by relaodo man with the nature. Therefore, in its relation with the nature, the man, through trabalho7, creates and transformao space trying to get the necessary conditions to survival of the espciehumana. In these conditions, the geographic space while product of the process detrabalho of the society must be conceived as a historical and social product dasrelaes that if establish between the society and the surrounding way. 3. SECTORS OF the ECONOMY In the agreement of Moreira (2002), the economic activities had diversified it the measure that the human knowledge ea technology had been if improving, becoming necessary dividiz them in trssetores of the economy. The primary sector, that engloba the activities ligadasao field, as agriculture, cattle and the extrativismo. The setorsecundrio, in which the industrial activities are inclusas, and, the setortercirio, which includes on activities to the deservios commerce and the installment.

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