The Sacrificio

Instead, try to be different. Carrie Levin has much experience in this field. There are usually two types of people. Those who want to buy the leader and those who do not want to do so. A contender to number 2 has to attract the second group. It must be alternative. (Similarly see: WDGMC). (10) Law of the Division.

Over time, a category will be split into two or more categories. Each segment can become a category separate with its own raison d ‘ etre. When so, the shape that has a leader of maintaining your domain is using a different brand to compete in each new category. Otherwise you will lose everytime you are with a specialist. (11) The law of perspective.The effects of marketing are long term. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX is often quoted as being for or against this. The extension of line 12) Act. There is an irresistible pressure to extend the brand value. This is the most violated law.

One day a company is focused on a highly profitable product. The next day, scattered efforts in many products puts that his brand, and loses money… For many companies the extension of the line is the easy way out. For a brand to succeed, it must be first in a category (law of leadership) or announce as an alternative to the leader (the opposite Act). Companies that reach an already developed market, are the first occupied positions. So they go back to the old approach of the extension of the line. Line extension is a trap, not a mistake. 13) The Sacrificio.Se Act is that it renounces something to get something. Sacrifice is the opposite of the extension of line. There are three things to sacrifice: the product line, the target market and the constant changes. 14) Law of attributes. For each attribute, there is another opposite, just as effective. Marketing is a battle of ideas. To succeed, you must find an idea or own attribute that focus. If you don’t have it, better that your product is cheap.

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