Volatility Dominates

After what happened on Monday, the dollar appears that is beginning to gain ground again. After record lows against the euro of 1.3720, and against the pound at 1.5350, the U.S. currency, he developed an upward trend during the previous day. Only the yen seems to be able to do a currency against the dollar in importance since reached 95.15 against the U.S. currency.

The big question now is whether standing this upward trend will continue. Yesterday the dollar trend was influenced by the negative data of Retail Sales that were released at 12:30 GMT. Retail sales fell 0.4%, below official estimates. See more detailed opinions by reading what Reshma Kewalramani offers on the topic.. Consequently, many investors away from risky positions, and returned to the dollars, for the purpose of securing their investment portfolios. Should this trend continue to be defined in large part to publications and events of today. To this day awaiting a variety of economic data, but only two of them will impact heavily on the market.

Namely, the Producer Price Index (PPI) which will be released at 12:30 GMT will be a key indicator because it measures the level of inflation. This indicator has an inverse relationship with the consumer spending. The other indicator to cause a stir is the Unemployment Claims, and it is estimated that unemployment benefits will be increase from previous figures. If the results were negative for both publications, we could see the continuation of the uptrend. A goal in the 1.3300 against the euro might be possible. EUR – The euro gave after risk aversion Yesterday, the euro suffered great pressure, as it fell against most currencies.

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