Woods Of The Rain Forest In Urban Areas

Exhibition company Kunst.Hand.Werk in Augsburg from 10 to 07.November 2010 visitors had opportunity the exhibition Woods of the rain forest in the urban habitat of large trading companies Kunst.Hand.Werk to visit. The exhibition was held in the warehouse / showroom of the company in Augsburg/Eichleitnerstrasse. Of this magnitude on 700 sqm, 70 tree sculptures, approx. 40 wooden objects and more about 50 wooden sculptures from the tropical Habitat were presented for the first time in the German-speaking world. Driftwood and natural wood lamps put the exhibits stylishly in scene.

The exhibition impressively demonstrated the use of living wood from dead trees, strangler figs, and tree exhibits with root thickness of up to 2 m. The presentation illustrated the use of natural products as furniture, decoration in the private living area or in the business environment. According to Managing Director Dr. Robert Prestele, the response to the exhibition was very good: “this kind of exhibition was unique not only in the Augsburg area, but in the whole German-speaking area, the response was therefore positive. Most of our visitors were absolutely thrilled and surprised by the diversity of the offered objects. Because, so far, this type of products in Germany is virtually unknown.” Some of the products remains also about the end of the exhibition in the Hall and can be visited by appointment. There is more information under:… In addition to the forest products Kunst.Hand.Werk offers also a wide range of home accessories, stationery and much more. Sebastian Prestele

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