Accelerated Rights Assignment

Tools4ever enables revision-safe work processes Bergisch Gladbach, June 2011 the Talanx asset management GmbH is regulated the accessibility of your employees on the IT systems recently with the help of user management resource administrator (UMRA) by Tools4ever fast and easy. The improvement of user management was required, because the company as financial services providers must meet the increasing safety requirements in the area of IT and it applies in particular to ensure the rights of the employees verifiable and always well-formed. P.o. box in 5 minutes with the help of applied UMRA the IT service desk does the permission management now without administrator rights and hence without the risk of unwanted interference. “Marko Stracke is also enthusiastic about the simple and automated workflows at Talanx asset management GmbH by the IT service desk: we only specify who can access and a complete mailbox including the set of permissions is done in 5 minutes.” Supported tasks UMRA in the entire user life cycle of the plant about the assignment of permissions to delete accounts. Verifiable rights due to the supervisory requirements must all accesses of the employees on the network just log the Talanx asset management GmbH and also demonstrate which employee has forgiven what rights or which user has created.

To, UMRA includes CEO of Tools4ever in Germany after words by Jan Pieter Giele, extensive logging and audit functionality. Thus all processes in a network can be fully verify.” With the help of UMRA, Talanx asset management GmbH has tamper-proof designed all processes relating to the granting of user rights and effectively prevents the incorrect permissions. About Talanx asset management GmbH Talanx asset management, Talanx real estate management and AmpegGerling investment at the core of the financial services segment within the Talanx group, the third largest insurance group of in Germany. Together, they currently manage capital and real estate investments amounting to around 83, 5 billion.The Talanx asset management GmbH is responsible for the investments of the Talanx Group on the money, capital, and real estate market. About Tools4ever Tools4ever distinguishes itself by a no. no-nonsense approach and a low “total cost of ownership”.

Compared with other identity and access management solutions provides a complete solution instead of the usual time of several weeks or months Tools4ever within a few days. Because of this approach, Tools4ever is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions with more than 1 million managed accounts. Tools4ever offers various software products and consulting services in the field of identity management, such as for example user provisioning, RBAC, password management, SSO and access management. For more information: Www.

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