Real Estate Agency

I mean this dialogue to ensure that we pay to quality customer satisfaction. The high quality of customer satisfaction shows the performance of real estate. How effectively and manage real estate agency, you need to money used at all levels, every business process has been involved in raising the quality. And while one indicator, we want to wait for the best. Well, we are agents – a slice of society, we do not produce poor-quality land, we will not have funding to pave roads and electricity to all the land that we sell, we can not do repairs in all apartments, which we sell, we can not give office space to Western standards of quality, we offer what we have on the market. So we have to raise the quality of other business processes that we can control. Let's calculate the number of incoming calls to the advertised object, then count the number of hits the advertised object and give the figures for sales volume, that is, the number of sales.

On that you can pay note that you can improve the process. To improve the need to start these processes are decomposed into smaller processes, and have to analyze each of these processes. Incoming call, how to keep consumer as to induce him to view the object. As during the display of objects to increase the number of positive solutions to the client. After laying out all the business processes of the chain, the money is just a positive decision client's property. How can I improve each time. But you know better than me, but many agencies do not work is to analyze transactions, the failure of transactions often heard dissatisfied (to put it mildly) statements, but instead colleagues better start analyzing every single moment. Improving the quality of work is not a one-day process, and not one month, now some will laugh – Improved management Real Estate Agency is a process extended throughout the organization.

To improve the quality of work you need to spend before the first results, more than a year of daily work. What is considered a marriage in estate agents, what to label a defective product, how to get staff to reduce the number of marriage in the works? Pressing issues that have long been solved and not by us, to use international experience, and introduce it in our agencies, but do not say that the global experience, we will not go, all goes, you only need to implement correctly. How do foreign real estate companies in our market? This high-quality offices, high-quality marketing, well-trained staff. As distributed profits in our real estate agencies? Where are we going soak after work done? Who let the earned income in the training of personnel, repair and improve equipment for the office, at build roads and repair of apartments sold? That matters a lot, and they are solved, the time will come when customers will be satisfied with the work of agents, would recognize the name of their companies, and correctly respond to their ads.

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