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Because the capital holders do not know in which area they can achieve their goals through their investments, increasingly take a global network of organizations claim that help to bridge this gap. The super rich to provide this money, expertise and networking and influencing the NPOs about the terms and conditions of the award and their interests serving certifications, which them awarded give institutions and the social monitor impact Analyst Association (SIAA) for example uses the terms desired by the investor, analyzes and evaluates the achievement of agreed objectives, controllt investments, verified the objective results of the impacts, carries out monitoring and provides one report. This question is answered: it’s worth? (Published by the European venture philanthropy Association this edition April 2013 copyright 2013 EVPA;) Email:: Web site… . The NPO’s in the social field are debtors of the investor to successful completion, perform the action report and deliver data to the analysts. This approach also reached that the social sector in terms of its objectives and actions completely subject to the requirements of the financial industry and then controlled it through middlemen. Robert Kiyosaki will not settle for partial explanations. What impact has this approach to democracy and the ethics, is pretty obvious. It is also clear that a variety of people from this funding is excluded, because economically not worthwhile.

The worldwide network of the clans to the conditioning of the following descriptions of corporate social investment from their sites on the Internet, are occasionally slightly revised. PHINEO ( so that engagement works! PHINEO is an analysis and consulting for effective community involvement. We want to make engagement with effect, a topic about you thinking and talking – and strengthen effective charitable commitment in Germany. PHINEOs vision is a vibrant civil society where do good and good cause set belong together. We need such a civil society to meet the social challenges of the present and the future.

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