With Blogger you can design a blog to promote your MLM in a simple, fast and effective way. Here you will step by step guide so you can make it without any problems.The first thing you have to do is open an account at Google and in doing so you will have to click here: Create Google account. You then enter your current email address and choose a password. It leaves boxes that make reference to the closure of the session and the enabling of the web history enabled. Linkedin may also support this cause. If you wish you can set Google as home page by default, otherwise, clear this check box.Choose the corresponding country and enter the characters that appear in the image on the page and then click on I accept.

Create my account. Then you will leave a message that confirms that the account has been created successfully and to verify that the email address associated with your account is correct, they will send you a confirmation message.Once you have enabled Google account, you go to the following address: Blogger (click on the link), and enter your email address, as well as the password. Then you will have to sign up for Blogger, following the instructions you listed on the main page. You assign the name of the blog, as well as the URL of the same, being able to check the availability of the address to find out if it is not occupied. Then choose template start with which you will present your blog and you can finally start to publish your articles. After typing in your blog, can do, if you wish, all the changes you want in terms of configuration, design, appearance, etc for this you must again entering your Google account, click on Blogger, in the my products section, and choose one of the options that appear on the main page: new entry, edit entries, comments, settings, design, monetize or statistics. You will only have to follow the instructions that will appear you.Remember to write in your blog articles to truly interested in your niche market and do not try never to sell your business in a direct way, the only thing you have to do is give information and position yourself as a true expert on the subject that you’re developing..

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