Cellulite Clinical Study Results

A clinical study was conducted to assess the effectiveness and benefits of Vital Science Cellu-System products which consist of the following four items: Cellu-System Toning Tea Cellu-System Toning Capsules Cellu-System Toning Cream The study examined efficacy of these products in reducing the visible appearance of cellulite on an eight-week trial. Selection of Participants 34 participants were recruited through an advertisement in the community. Criteria for participation in the study was as follows: Female More than eighteen (18) years of age is not chronic or serious medical conditions that could affect the results of the study Not pregnant or nursing No significant changes in lifestyle (diet and exercise) during the study of skin condition Evident cellulite age ranges of participants who have completed the following: Between 18 and 24 = 1 Between 25 and 30 = 5 Between 31 and 40 = 14 From 41 and 50 = 5 = 9 51 and above Assessment Tools: The subjective assessment of the participants professional assessment by the practitioner through the assessment of skin tone, hydration and appearance Participants satisfaction with their situation, both before and after the trial, participants view of products: their effects, ease of use, and side effects or benefits of weight control thigh measurements before and after photos Instructions Participants were invited to attend the study clinic for an evaluation of a time "at the beginning and end of the study period. If you have read about Keith Darden already – you may have come to the same conclusion. During the period of eight weeks, the statement was as follows: TEA – Drinking a cup an hour before bedtime. CREAM – applies to cellulite areas twice daily, once in the morning, once at night, Ca capsules – Take two capsules in the morning. For more information call Dermaglow +44 (0) 7612 800 328 or mail, web site. (A valuable related resource: Nick Blacka).

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